TV Shows Worth Your Time

by Herschel

The idea that TV can be worth your time is a contentious one. Most people watch a lot of TV, and I would presuppose that most of that is pretty terrible. But there are some shows that actually engage the viewer with both well-written stories and well-written characters. Here are a few that I watch. Fair warning, some of these shows have strong language and even nudity and violence. Most of these shows are for adults only.

The Wire: A cop show from HBO. It does not air anymore so you’ll have to watch it on DVD. I would probably put this at the top of my list, and look, I did. The story unfolds like a novel, slow and steady. The characters are complex. They live in the grey zone, rarely being all good or all bad. Plus, the ore you watch it, the better it gets.

Breaking Bad: This show is just awesome, in the literal since of the word. It’s violent, and shocking, and sad, and even funny. It leaves me stunned often. The story of a high school chemistry teacher who decides to make meth in order to pay for his cancer treatment has given way to a treatise of how a normal man turns into a monster, and how his choices not only affect him but his entire family. Great stuff.

Parks and Recreation: A comedy about a town in Indiana, complete with crazy one-off characters, and more deeply drawn characters that anchor the show. It’s goofy. It has real emotion. I just like hanging out with it.

Justified: This show has “cool” written all over it. Another cop show, this time about Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and his time spent in Kentucky. Funny. Poignant. Lots of action. And it can tell a hell of a story. I’d put season 2 of this up against any show on TV.

Anyways, that’s my list so far for now. Short and sweet and to the point.