Stories We Love

Month: April, 2012

Redemption Stories

Today is Good Friday, the day we remember the death of Jesus Of Nazareth. On Sunday we will celebrate Easter–Jesus’ resurrection, and what that resurrection means for humanity–redemption for all.

Some people call it the greatest story ever told. Some people call it just a story. Where you stand on it may differ, but most cannot deny how great a story it is. God creates men. Men rebel. God, instead of condemning his creation, sends his son to take the punishment in our place. And through his son’s resurrection, we are put back into right standing with God. Jesus isn’t the redeemed in this story, but we are.

How many stories can you think of with a messianic twist? Lord of The Rings. The Matrix. Harry Potter. Superman. You could go and on. What about redemption stories? There are too many to even count. Humanity longs for redemption. We create story after story about it.

And some people may insist that the story of Jesus is just that, another story. My hope is that the story would work its way into every person. That it would latch on and that hope would grow in each and every heart. We have hope for redemption, that we are not lost, because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Here’s to hope, and grace, and peace.


Life as Story.

What did you want to do with your life as you grew up? Are you doing it? Did that change? Are you stuck in a place you hate? Where do you want to be in five years? Ten?

When I was a kid I loved Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. The ability to create my own story excited me. Isn’t that life? Don’t we all have the ability to create our own stories–to choose our own adventures?

So maybe like me, you’re overweight. So get to work and lose it if you really want to. Will it be hard? Absolutely.

Hate your job? Look for something better? Not qualified for something better, than look at school, or apprenticeships.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized our generation was sort of lied to. We were told we could do anything if we worked hard and went to college. Well sadly, that isn’t true. A college degree does not guarantee you a job in the field of your choice. Even hard work and determination might not be enough.

Like those books of my youth, sometimes there are only so many doors we can go through. What makes a great story is making the best out of the options we have. We can’t choose our parents, or how and where we come into this world. And where we come into this world can limit what we can do.

But great stories don’t just happen. We have to be proactive. And I truly believe in potential for escaping our circumstances to something better. Does that mean everyone can be president or a billionaire? No. And who would want either of those things?

We can embrace the challenges life gives us and rise above. We can connect with the people around us and love deeply. We can lay down our own desires to help others achieve theirs. That is where great stories come from.